About Vipclimax

vipclimax¬† was founded in 2006 out of the desire to provide the sneakerhead community with a unique source that provides all relevant news in the shoe world. Since then, it has become the internet’s first destination to gather sneakerhead release dates, upcoming project previews, NBA sneaker wear, and more into a premium channel. In addition, we have close ties to all of your favorite brands, which means that vipclimax.com is always there for exclusive media launches and product debuts to give you access.

vipclimax also offers exclusive content that shows everything from the sneaker collections of community members to upcoming collaborative publications. And the content doesn’t end here on the homepage. We constantly deliver extras via our various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus). Today, vipclimax’s network of digital and social real estate serves a global audience of over 20 million young consumers per month.